Pioneering the field of parasitic extraction & subatomic facilitation, Emmie has devoted much of her life to understanding the in’s and out’s of her craft. With over 20 years of field work she is now ready to begin teaching!! Not only are we offering KOKORO33 learning, we are also including shamanic teachings to really round out the foundation from which you are building your spiritual journey. The lessons will be taught through mixed media and Emmie will be going live with exclusive content and other amazing learning opportunities. We will also be having guest speakers contributing their own specialties. This program is “work at your own pace” and, although highly encouraged, attendance is not mandatory.

The first topic of focus is a three month course - Parasitic Programs. In this program, we will be covering the different strains of parasitic beings, learning how to detect them, and also techniques that provide you with a bolstered first line of defense. This is merely the first level in a multiple tier program. At the end of the this 3 month course, those who show a promising fit for this field of work will be invited to take Level 2. Level 2 participants will be hand selected by Emmie herself for level 3- the prerequisite to be considered for an actual apprenticeship opportunity. This first course for KOKORO33 will begin November 01, 2018 and conclude February 01, 2019. After the conclusion of Parasitic Programs, we will continue with the other aspects of KOKORO33.

We are offering three levels of membership. Please click the image to find out more.

Black Magick Revocation Kit

This is a specialized kit to help you in your self protection and energetic hygiene. The items were carefully curated by Emmie to stand up to the intensity of her work or handmade by her. This is a potent kit containing 21 items to empower and assist you. You will receive:

  • 5 day Ceremony of Light to REVOKE any black magick attempted on you
    - uncrossing/revocation oil to dress candles or be applied on the skin for additional protection
    - 5 black chime candles
    - protection powder to dress the candles

  • 5 day Ceremony of Light to PURIFY your space
    - purification oil to dress candles or be applied on the skin for additional protection
    - 5 white chime candles
    - protection powder to dress the candles

  • Energetic Knot Keychain- Each knot was hand tied by Emmie herself and programmed to release a blast of energy when untied. This blast carries protection and purification codes creating a barrier of elevated protection and support when you need it most.

  • ArchAngels Resin- This vial contains resins that have been blessed and calibrated to call in the seven archangels to watch over and protect your sacred space.

  • Protection Rice- This rice has been infused with extremely potent herbs of protection. It can be sprinkled around the perimeter of your home or used to seal entry point such as windows and doors. It can also be used as part of your sacred space altar.

  • Protection Charms- Having a long standing history with Emmie and her personal journey, two St Benedict medallions have been included. These medallions are often given to those who are in need of major protection as well as utilized by clergy during exorcism rights. Emmie so credits her medallion with protecting her during the darkest parts of her own journey that she had it tattooed onto her.

  • Empress Spray- This is a proprietary blend of essential oils carefully calibrated to protect and empower. These oils carry with them the scent of one of Emmie's most favorite and powerful lifetimes. It can be used during meditation, as a body spray, or as a room spray. [WARNING: contains coconut]

  • Michael Sword Fire in a Bottle- Emmie is known for her crystal swords as she is for her energetic work. Contained within a bottle is a shard of selenite that has traveled with her for two years, staying by her bedside always to absorb upgrades in her coding as she has further developed on her spiritual path. These shards contain the fire of ArchAngel Michael as he has always kept watch over Emmie through all her travels. These “mini swords” can be kept in your purse, pocket, or car to help give you peace of mind and a feeling of safety.

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Blue Ray DNA Activation

As we enter the Pisces Moon, the energies have heightened and allowed for Emmie to offer this service. This is a very special opportunity for those that it resonates with.

Designed as a high level morphogenetic recodement for the members of the 144k promised to come in service to humanity, AA Michael has gifted Emmie with the opportunity to extend this recodement to those it resonates with. This level of activation will harness the Lion’s Heart, Regulus23. This is the largest star in the Leo constellation and is known as the star & heart of Michael. Emmie herself was born on the 23rd day of the month and the piscean moon we have entered presents a powerful potentiality. The recipients of this activation will experience a baptism of fire through the sacred heart of Michael.

*** This service might not be offered beyond the period of the Pisces Moon. ***

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The Soul Shop

[a  collection of selenite swords and tools to make both Self & Soul smile in satisfaction]