Live Energy Session

As I have begun to truly embrace the totality of what it is I am doing, the work I came into this vessel to do, I have become more open to sharing. I often get asked what are these sessions that I do privately and what do they entail. Most people have not heard of Kathara. It is a very ancient knowing of how to harness light, sound, and color to effect the soul body and morphogenetic field of an individual.

All conditions and all disease are rooted in energetic imbalances. When the energies are not balanced or have been blocked for a prolonged period, the condition often manifests as physiological disease. If we address the underlying energetic circumstance, quite often the physiological condition will resolve. Through my private work, I have been able to facilitate the resolution of such things as tumors, strokes, significant brain trauma, and even terminal conditions. My work, however, is not limited to the addressing of disease. Often times I am sought for the rectification of parasitic infestations.

Parasites are typically fourth dimensional beings who have latched on to a human host. The relationship is parasitic in that the being "feeds" off of the energy of the host. The presence of this being is often detrimental to the health of its host and, more often than not, greatly interferes with the natural ascension mechanics of the individual. In order to facilitate easy "feeding" the parasite will incept abusive and harmful internal monologue through mimicry of the host's voice. This is to create the illusion of organic thought despite being very much an external thing. This tactic serves to keep the host in a perpetually lowered state of vibrational frequency, making the individual more readily accessible to the parasite.

Just as identifying the root cause of any physiological symptom is key in restoring health, identifying the root of energetic imbalance is crucial in the restoration process. From blockages to full on parasitic infestations, these challenges must be neutralized so the individual stands a more greater chance to return to full health and properly ascend.

The following video is an excerpt from a livestream I recently did to help people see first hand how my sessions go. This was very much necessary to help remove the fear of the unknown. It is important that all understand this Kathara based treatment is extremely effective at identifying the underlying root causations of all conditions experienced by the individual. As you will see, the entire process is explained and any possible sensations the person may experienced is also discussed so all avenues for fear to enter are closed off. We must begin to truly live and self heal with fear removed or at the very least significantly minimized.

My work is very unique in that it does not mask symptoms or provide mere temporary relief. It is nothing like what the mainstream energetic community is accustomed to witnessing. It is so far removed from practices such as reiki and pranic healing. I have activated my inner knowing of ancient knowledge and applications of Kathara- a keylontic science based system of bio-spiritual attunement and frequency accretion. We dig deep to unearth the root causation and address it from the ground up. My clients are given the knowledge and the tools to continue their self treatment without my assistance. I strive to give each person the clarity they are needing to further blossom their inner-standing of Self, Soul, and the journey of expansion that they are on.

I am often asked if the bio-spiritual work I do is quantifiable. As you will see in this video, my ability to harness extremely high frequencies from the Mahara Harmonic Universe (12th dimensional frequencies) can be observed via the distortion of the previously recorded live video feed. As I call in and direct this energy for specific purposes, you will see pixelations, often originating from my hands and spreading across the screen as I create supercharged hyper-fields of energetic loads before injecting into the morphogenetic field of the client. 

This growing field of applied bio-spiritual theory is revolutionizing our health and our future. I have finally decided to openly share my growing body of work so that we can begin to have an open line of communication and familiarize the Collective of how immense our ability to self heal truly is. We are walking miracles, every single one of us. The time has come for us to reclaim this birthright and use it to bring to fruition the New Beginning- an era of peace, prosperity, true health, and unity all based upon the foundation of OMNI-LOVE. 

[If you would like to book a session, please visit my services page to peruse my current offerings. The video is an example of the parasitic extraction and morphogenetic dna activation sessions that I conduct privately for clients.]