Morphogenetic Activations


Morphogenetic Activations

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Due to miasmic blockages and its physiological effects on cellular coding, our genetic information becomes distorted. The more pronounced the distortions, the more necessary morphogenetic recoding is needed.  Through the utilization of Maharic Infusion and bio-spiritual attunement, we can return our distorted coding back to their original template of health. A facilitator highly specialized in accelerated morphogenetic transmutation and accelerated Maharic frequency accretion is often key in the healing process. 

 This session will consist of a full chakra scanning, realignment, clearing, and rejuvenation. Once the chakras are in a proper state, we begin the actual spiritual recoding of the pinecone/pineal gland. Old frequencies are displaced and purged, creating space for new coding and energy to be replenished. After the recoding, we awaken and reactivate Kundalini energies. This service addresses the 4 key systems in one session- CHARKA, KATHARA 12TREE GRID, KUNDALINI, MORPHOGENIC FIELD RECODING, ensuring the root of the matter is directly addressed.

This service is done by utilizing bi-location. During your session, the entire process is explained as it is being done, complete with what you can expect to experience. The session is conducted via text messenger service so that you will have your own copy of the transcription to revisit at your leisure.


ANDARAN DRAGON ACTIVATION: The Andara are the Elder Dragons and the lower emnation of the Song of the Seraphim. They are extremely powerful and benevolent beings. Their fire, much like the godfire of the Seraphim whose songs sang them into being, immediately transmutes and this activation reaches deep into the core templates. If you are drawn to dragons, have an undeniable need to help correct wrongs and clear negativity, the Andaran Elder activation is most appropriate for you.

LYRAN FIRE ACTIVATION: Lyrans are drawn to the paranormal and metaphysics and they are people watchers and sociologists. They are independent, yet shy and natural leaders. They intelligent and like to know about a wide range of topics. They will take leadership positions sharing their knowledge, which may also come from many previous lives. They fight to right injustice or for causes they believe in. As some Lyrans are feline beings, their Elders, they have a strong connection to cats. Many Lyrans incarnated in other starseed worlds, and thus may identify with many starseed races. Lyrans also founded Lemuria, and are thus master healers, and blended with Atlantis and Egypt, thus being knowledgeable about math, healing with crystals, tone and sound, and sacred geometry. If these characteristics resonate with you, a Lyran activation may be the most appropriate activation for you.

ARCTURIAN ACTIVATION: Arcturian starseeds tend to have strong personalities, a deep inner knowing and strength within. Arcturian starseeds on the exterior look strong, powerful and capable. They have a sense of important purpose in their life, however they never know what that purpose is. The arcturians always search for this knowledge, which leads them to spiritual pursuit. The danger is if they don’t find this knowledge they become unhappy and not knowing why.

ANDROMEDAN ACTIVATION: Andromeda starseeds always seek freedom. When they seek for this notion of freedom, they will probably change jobs, relationships and homes. However at some point they may realize the freedom they seek has always been within and not their circumstances. So feeling that you are trapped is because you seek freedom to know yourself better from within. Andromeda starseeds must work out their issues with love and self confidence. Once they develop this area of their life the connection between them self and Source becomes powerful. This may allow past life recollections to flow and the old talents will begin to awaken again. Most Andromeda starseeds are healers and teachers, so they have much to offer on the spiritual pathway. If you find this description to be you, this activation would be best.

FOUNDERS ACTIVATION: The Founders are an etheric, infinite race. They function as soul directors and are the prime souls that initialized the creation of the galaxies. This activation ushers in massive potentiality for the activation of coding to help you accelerate the process of ascension.

TRIANGULUM ACTIVATION: Originating from the spiral galaxy M33, the Triangulum are masters at clearing the luminous bodies to prime the individual for an extremely potent ascension process. This assists the individual to elevate their potentiality.

TRIANGULUM + FOUNDERS ACTIVATION COMBO: This activation pairing is the ultimate in activations!! Pairing the two most elevated activations, this service gives you all the necessary components to make quantum leaps in your spiritual path.

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