Parasitic Extraction + Sub-Atomic Attunement


Parasitic Extraction + Sub-Atomic Attunement

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As the Collective is transitioning from a third dimensional consciousness to a fifth dimensional consciousness, so many are struggling with intense emotions and unexplainable experiences. Although the topic is still largely taboo, there exists a very real phenomenon of energetic parasite infestations. These parasitic beings are more commonly referred to as demonic. The term often incites fear and fear is just not necessary. This type of circumstance can quite effectively be addressed by the very specialized and skillful use of bio-spiritual techniques.

During your booking, you will have a full auric field scan specifically calibrated to detect lower dimensional beings (often referred to as dark entities or demonic beings). Once cleared and the morphogenetic field "sterilized" we move on to full chakra assessment, realignment, clearing, and rejuvenation. Old frequencies are displaced and purged, creating space for new coding and energy to be replenished. The entry points the parasitic beings utilized to gain access to the client are sealed shut. The session ends with an accelerated frequency accretion to ensure the space left after clearing is filled with Maharic frequency from the 12th dimension where the original template for health is stored.

This service is done remotely via bi-location. The entire process is explained as it is being done, complete with what you can expect to experience. We have found this eliminates the need for any fear or anxiety. The session is conducted via text messenger service so that you will have your own copy of the transcription to revisit at your leisure.

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