Emmie Nikolina

Emmie is a natural born bio-spiritual attunement specialist.  She is also highly clairvoyant... highly clair-everything really. She often uses bio spiritual techniques from the energetic system she created, KOKORO33, to facilitate the client’s soul and self healing at a sub-atomic level. She doesn’t  just manipulate energies to give them a quick fix. She works closely with her clients to identify the root causation of any issue and address it at the deepest level to catalyze true healing. She works with individuals thoroughly and diligently to address the things that have been affecting their ascension mechanics and greatly impacting their life journey. She assists the individual in learning how to address the root of the issue and employs the most effective and efficient method to correct imbalances so that the client will not need to seek further assistance. She helps you remember how to self heal. By harnessing her Melchizedek Cloister origins and natural born gift of energy transduction, she has successfully affected many lives in a positive manner. The impact of her work often leaves those whom witness it speechless.

Emmie's mission in this life is to empower others to reclaim their soul sovereignty. It is her hope you allow her to assist you in your journey if you are in need of assistance.