Pioneering the field of parasitic extraction & subatomic facilitation, Emmie has devoted much of her life to understanding the in’s and out’s of her craft. With over 20 years of field work she is now ready to begin teaching!! Not only are we offering KOKORO33 learning, we are also including shamanic teachings to really round out the foundation from which you are building your spiritual journey. The lessons will be taught through mixed media and Emmie will be going live with exclusive content and other amazing learning opportunities. We will also be having guest speakers contributing their own specialties. This program is “work at your own pace” and, although highly encouraged, attendance is not mandatory.

The first topic of focus is a three month course - Parasitic Programs. In this program, we will be covering the different strains of parasitic beings, learning how to detect them, and also techniques that provide you with a bolstered first line of defense. This is merely the first level in a multiple tier program. At the end of the this 3 month course, those who show a promising fit for this field of work will be invited to take Level 2. Level 2 participants will be hand selected by Emmie herself for level 3- the prerequisite to be considered for an actual apprenticeship opportunity. This first course for KOKORO33 will begin November 01, 2018 and conclude February 01, 2019. After the conclusion of Parasitic Programs, we will continue with the other aspects of KOKORO33.

We are offering three levels of membership. Please click the image to find out more.

To see the price for each option, please make your selection in the drop down menu and the price will adjust to reflect your selection.

To see the price for each option, please make your selection in the drop down menu and the price will adjust to reflect your selection.

from 350.00

The first ever Emmie Evolving Retreat is here!!

We invite you to join us for the most amazing spiritual experience ever! Spend four days with Emmie focusing on your spiritual path and self healing. We will be accommodating you in a gorgeous cabin just outside of Yellowstone Park. The grounds of this private cabin provides us with the space to do amazing self healing and truly pampering activities. Emmie will share with you her secrets to staying centered in her truth as she travels her spiritual path. She will also share the ways in which she cares for her sacred temple. Be prepared to experience a re-centering of your mind, body, heart, and soul!! Some of the amazing activities planned are:

  • Healing Sound Baths

  • Solar Meditations

  • Nature Hike through Sacred Grounds + Self Healing using Vortices

  • Exploration of Yellowstone Park

  • Crystal Programming

  • Energetic Work Instructions

  • Healing Food Preparations

  • Natural Spa Goodies Instructional

  • Henna Party

  • an Emmie prepared Mimosa Brunch

  • and so much more!!

You will have a very rare opportunity to spend time with Emmie and see first hand how to elevate your self care regimen and realign your energies to create the best life possible. Not only will you experience her tips and tricks, she will also instruct you on how to continue this self love process at home- providing you the recipes for her specialized all natural spa treatments, the foods she eats to nourish her body as she does energy work, and the ways in which she releases disharmonic energies after a full day of energy work! She will be staying in the cabin with you the entire weekend and sharing meals! She may even prepare dinner from scratch! This is truly a gem of an opportunity that you do not want to miss!

The retreat will be held September 20- 23, 2019. Check-in time will be at 1pm [Mountain time / GMT-6] on September 20 and check out time will be 2pm on September 23. We require a deposit of $350 to reserve your spot. Full payment of your remaining balance is due no later than September 06, 2019. You can purchase your reservation through this webpage. Once we receive your deposit, you will receive a welcome email with additional information along with cabin location to help you plan your travel arrangements. The price of each retreat option does not include your travel arrangements to the cabin. Once at the cabin, your transport to event locations will be provided for. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks and drinks will also be provided.

We have three event options to choose from:

RETREAT [$1100]: This option provides you access to all the activities planned for the retreat, includes entrance fee to Yellowstone Park, a gift bag and a comfortable single bed within the cabin’s common space. This will most likely be a bunkbed.

ENHANCED RETREAT [$1300]: This option provides you with access to all the activities, includes entrance fee to Yellowstone Park, an upgraded gift bag and a double bed to rest your head.

PRIVATE ROOM RETREAT [$1800]: This option includes access to all the activities, includes entrance fee to Yellowstone Park, an upgraded gift bag, and a beautiful private room with a queen bed all to yourself.

There is limited space available for this event. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!!

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Blue Ray DNA Activation

As we enter the Pisces Moon, the energies have heightened and allowed for Emmie to offer this service. This is a very special opportunity for those that it resonates with.

Designed as a high level morphogenetic recodement for the members of the 144k promised to come in service to humanity, AA Michael has gifted Emmie with the opportunity to extend this recodement to those it resonates with. This level of activation will harness the Lion’s Heart, Regulus23. This is the largest star in the Leo constellation and is known as the star & heart of Michael. Emmie herself was born on the 23rd day of the month and the piscean moon we have entered presents a powerful potentiality. The recipients of this activation will experience a baptism of fire through the sacred heart of Michael.

*** This service might not be offered beyond the period of the Pisces Moon. ***

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The Soul Shop

[a  collection of selenite swords and tools to make both Self & Soul smile in satisfaction]