Pioneering the field of parasitic extraction & subatomic facilitation, Emmie has devoted much of her life to understanding the in’s and out’s of her craft. With over 20 years of field work she is now ready to begin teaching!! Not only are we offering KOKORO33 learning, we are also including shamanic teachings to really round out the foundation from which you are building your spiritual journey. The lessons will be taught through mixed media and Emmie will be going live with exclusive content and other amazing learning opportunities. We will also be having guest speakers contributing their own specialties. This program is “work at your own pace” and, although highly encouraged, attendance is not mandatory.

The first topic of focus is a three month course - Parasitic Programs. In this program, we will be covering the different strains of parasitic beings, learning how to detect them, and also techniques that provide you with a bolstered first line of defense. This is merely the first level in a multiple tier program. At the end of the this 3 month course, those who show a promising fit for this field of work will be invited to take Level 2. Level 2 participants will be hand selected by Emmie herself for level 3- the prerequisite to be considered for an actual apprenticeship opportunity. This first course for KOKORO33 will begin November 01, 2018 and conclude February 01, 2019. After the conclusion of Parasitic Programs, we will continue with the other aspects of KOKORO33.


KOKORO33 [$88/mo]:
You will be granted access to the enhanced teachings of KOKORO33. This is a crucial component of learning how to perform the energetic practices you witness Emmie doing during her Facebook livestreams. Shamanic teachings will also be offered.

You also will be given FREE access to ZEN POD- her weekly meditation group.

KOKORO LITE [$33/mo]:
This is an amazing option for those who want to really begin exploring their spiritual path but are on a budget. You will be able to access the lesson PDFs from the KOKORO33 learning pod allowing you to learn a lighter version of what is taught in the main learning pod. Emmie will conduct live Q&A with members bi-monthly to help give deeper clarity to the course content.

You also will be given FREE access to ZEN POD- her weekly meditation group.

ZEN POD [$18/mo]:
The ZEN POD is a place to enjoy the benefits of focused group meditation. Emmie will be hosting weekly guided meditations and/or group energy work. This will be exclusive content that will be focused on assisting real life circumstance such as stress reduction, chakra health, auric field cleansing, and more. She will guide the participants LIVE and the content will be recorded allowing you to rewatch at your leisure and when you need.

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