We have entered a time of evolutionary transition. As a living consciousness we are  making that change from one way of being to another and the energetic shifts that catalyze these beautiful changes are very much impacting our physiological health. Emmie has honed her craft and successfully used ancient teachings, natural born gifts, and skillfully applied theoretical principles based in Keylontic Sciences to positively affect those she assists.

As our Collective consciousness has begun its journey to The  Awakening, we are all experiencing very unique struggles and needs. Emmie has quietly assisted people with these very needs and struggles. Through the many years of quiet soul work, she has successfully assisted many. Her personal belief is that each one of us has the capability to induce self-healing and she fully supports the individual's attempts to do so.

Having an extremely thorough medical understanding of physiological and psychological conditions (in addition to extensive energetic work), Emmie has put much thought and consideration into the creation of the services menu to ensure only the greatest benefit of the client's highest self will be realized. Her goal is always facilitation of the client's return to their health as well as a remembering of how to do these very things for themselves.

Until recently, you had to be referred to her by close friends or family in order to book a session. Realizing now the Collective is in much need of assistance, she is opening her doors to the public.

We invite you to take a look around and witness her growing body of work.


Blue Ray DNA Activation

Designed as a high level morphogenetic re-codement for the members of the 144k promised to come in service to humanity, AA Michael has gifted Emmie with the opportunity to extend this re-codement to those it resonates with. This level of activation will harness the Lion’s Heart, Regulus23. This is the largest star in the Leo constellation and is known as the star & heart of Michael. Emmie herself was born on the 23rd day of the month and the Sturgeon Piscean Moon we have entered presents a powerful potentiality for your personal and spiritual growth. The recipients of this activation will experience a baptism of fire through the sacred heart of Michael.

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Bio-Spiritual Scan

Often times our energetic bodies become unbalanced and this creates conditions that breed physiological disease. If we address the underlying energetic causation, we often times can resolve the developing conditions. A bio-spiritual scan can help to identify the root causations so that you can address the disease and have a solid idea of what to begin discussing with your licensed primary care physician. 

** Disclaimer: This service is to help identify thought patterns and energetic issues that can contribute to the worsening of physiological diseases and conditions. It is not meant to replace medical advice dispensed by licensed medical professionals. It is merely a tool to be used in conjunction with and to enhance your doctor's course of treatment. Any conditions discovered during sessions must be validated and treated only by licensed medical professionals. 

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Clairvoyant Reading

Sometimes we experience periods in our life where we are seeking clarity and guidance but none is to be found. We feel lost and confused. This is the perfect time to seek an experienced, accurate, and compassionate clairvoyant to help you gain the clarity you are so desperately needing. 

Emmie is just that individual. She is very honest and places a lot of emphasis on helping you truly understand the path you are on, the path ahead of you, and the options you have at your feet. It is her goal to help you deepen your understanding of your life thus far and how to maximize the opportunities presented to you.s.

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