Piscean Potential LIVE Workshop Event [ 07.21.2019 ]

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Piscean Potential LIVE Workshop Event [ 07.21.2019 ]

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Being a pisces herself, Emmie knows all too well the struggles this zodiac sign has been through and is still going through. This LIVE workshop experience is a two hour long event where Emmie will speak about her journey, the ways she overcame the struggles that are so common for pisces, and how she found her voice. Having fully tapped into her spiritual nature and power, Emmie is now ready to help you rediscover yourself and use your mystical energy to help you further succeed on your journey. We, your Emmie Evolving Team, hope you join us for this powerful event! The workshop will take place on July 21, 2019 @10:30am PST. You will receive the details to register for this online event after confirmation of your purchase through our website has been received.

There are several ticket options to choose from:
EVENT ONLY [$45]: This option gives you access to the event where you can join Emmie LIVE. You will also be provided an exclusive manual outlining the different ways to support yourself on your spiritual journey as well as energetic techniques to amplify your Piscean Potential. These energetic techniques are from Emmie’s system KOKORO33.

EVENT + PERSONAL SIGIL [$65]: This option includes everything from the EVENT ONLY as well as a custom created sigil calibrated for your specific energetic needs. This sigil is created by Emmie after she connects with your higher self and is shown what areas of your morphogenetic template are needing the most assistance. The sigil is a symbol that is energetically programmed to carry out a specific task to help the individual it is created for. This sigil is a digital file that will be electronically delivered to you after the event has concluded.

ULTIMATE POTENTIAL [$111}: This option includes everything from both of the previous ticket options. In addition, you will receive a carefully curated kit to really maximize your Piscean Potential. This kit will include items of protection, empowerment, recalibration, as well as tools to help you accelerate your spiritual rise. Being a pisces, Emmie knows the silent needs of this zodiac sign intimately.

Please note that INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY ADDRESSES have a separate option for ticket purchasing -
INTERNATIONAL Ultimate Potential $125] - to account for increased delivery cost. All international packages will incur the delivery charge. No exceptions.

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