Luminous Ceremony Mini Kits


Luminous Ceremony Mini Kits


These mini-kits are just what the spiritual doctor ordered!

Each contains a week’s worth of quick burning candles as well as anointed oil and sacred powder to dress your candle. It will also include instructions on how to utilize this kit to maximize the spiritual assistance you are calling to you. Each kit will have a specific purpose.

** Revocation: This oil and powder blend have been specifically calibrated to assist with the revocation of black magick, hexes, ands malicious intent focused on you.

** Purification: After the removal of negativity, the remaining void must be filled. The oil and powder blend from this kit is specially created to purify and empower.

** Divine Goddess: As living goddesses, we face so much adversity. Sadly, much of that adversity is focused on further wounding our feminine power. This oil and powder pairing is designed to address the wounds of the Goddess, empower her, and raise her back up to her proper place of feminine greatness!

** Blockage Dissolver: Navigating life creates tremendous opportunities for emotional blockages to form and block our abundance and growth. This oil and powder pairing greatly assist in the dissolving of these blockages so that we can more readily bring in our abundance, love, and spiritual growth.

** Grief: So many of us are in a state of grieving without even realizing it. Our sadness is often all consuming with no relief in sight. Many of us have hurt for so long that we no longer know where the grief stemmed from- failure of a relationship, loss of a loved one, ending of a job, ending of a friendship, etc. This oil and powder pair gently help us to flow through the grief in our own, organic process while supporting and empowering our ability to process the events of our lives.

** Abundance: This oil and powder pairing have been calibrated to bring in our abundance in all its forms as well as accelerate it’s arrival.

****Please note these candles are not to be burned unattended and should be placed in an appropriate fire safe container as is appropriate for candle use. ***

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