SoulWork Special Expedited Request

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SoulWork Special Expedited Request

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Welcome to a SoulWork Special Event! We hope you enjoy your experience.

*** Please note these expedites cannot be combined with any other offer or promotional code. ***

BIO SPIRITUAL SCAN: When we are new to the realm of spiritual health and safety, we often do not know exactly what it is we are wanting or needing in regards to assistance. Bio spiritual scans allow you the opportunity to  discover the potential causations of your energetic and sometimes physiological conditions.
[Please note this is a diagnostic type service and Emmie Evolving reserves the right to offer or not offer additional services to resolve the findings on a complimentary basis during the livestream. You are always welcome to book the recommended services to be performed privately.]

SOUL PURPOSE ACTIVATION:  Many of us do not know what our purpose is and have been struggling with this part of our journey. This activation will help you to begin the process of Soul Purpose Retrieval, supporting the return of your soul knowing and the beginning of honoring your true purpose.

HEALING HANDS ACTIVATION:  All of us have the ability to self heal and help heal others in varying degrees. This activation will assist in the full activation of the healing channels within your luminous bodies. Your hands will help you to direct the flow of energy more efficiently.

CHAKRA WORKUP:  With the intense Mercury Retrograde energies and the energetic struggles that come with it, quite a few have begun to experience chakra blockages intensifying, chakras misaligning, and chakra damage increasing. This expedite addresses all of these very common chakra struggles allowing for charka regenesis and the amplification of the individual’s energetic self healing process.

SYSTEMIC INTEGRATION AND LIGHT CALIBRATION:  Those who were born before the time of the Diamond Ray often struggle with their ascension process. This is currently the norm. We work hard and often feel very frustrated and impatient with our seeming lack of progress in comparison to the Diamond Ray children. This expedite is the first step in preparing your auric field and templates to take in the full Diamond Ray coding in order to ascend to their level of frequency.

DIAMOND RAY RECODEMENT COMBO:  The Diamond Ray band of frequency is the highest band of frequency able to be safely housed  within our Time Space Matrix.  Children have been being born with Diamond Ray energies and they are extremely powerful having much of their coding left activated at birth. This expedite will combine the Systemic Integration and Light Calibration along with full Diamond Ray Recodement of your morphogenetic template. This will greatly help you to access more of your abilities in accordance with the timeline set forth by your Highest Self.

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As stated, in choosing to utilize PWP teachings, techniques, sessions, or technologies it is understood that in doing so the individual accepts full responsibility for any and all condition that may or may not occur in conjunction with such practice. It is further recognized that the individual, throughout the act of utilizing PWP teachings, techniques, sessions or technologies, thereby through this act agrees to release The Peaceful Warrior Project, LLC, all authorized PWP Bio-Spiritual Healing Program Teachers and facilitators, authorized PWP translators/authors. teachers promoters and any individuals and organizations thereto related, from any and all claims of liability or damages perceived or assumed to occur in conjunction with involvement in PWP teachings, techniques, sessions or technologies. This statement of terms and Conditions represents a written Notice of Implied Agreement and Consent to Liability Release in regard to involvement  with PWP teaching, techniques, sessions and technologies. This Notice of Implied Agreement and Consent of Liability Release represents a reiteration in specific written format of previously provided notice as to the necessity of taking personal responsibility for any and all consequences arising from chosen involvement with the PWP paradigm. It is recognized that the implied Agreement and Consent to Terms and Conditions of Liability Release stated here within is accepted and enacted as such upon the act of chosen involvement with and/or practice of PWP teachings, techniques, and technologies. If one is uncomfortable or in disagreement with this stated Notice of Implied Agreement and Consent to Terms and Conditions of Liability Release, it is suggest and recommended that one choose at this time non-involvement with said teachings, techniques and technologies, until a future time wherein such concerns have been assuaged.