It is often said the answers you seek are already within you. It is also often that we find it hard to hear those very answers when we seek clarity the most. Tarot is a tool of divination used for many generations. Although some may utilized the cards to foresee future events, we believe in utilizing them merely for clarity- to help one understand the inner guidance provided by Soul. No future event is ever set in stone. Your soul journey is a fluid one.

The Celtic Cross is a very popular tarot spread and is customized to provide you clarity for a specific question you have. Ask a question at check out or opt to have a general reading.  A written detailed description for each card drawn, the meaning of the card's positioning, and any guidance from Soul is included in the results. As the events of your circumstance unfolds, you will have this transcript to reference to help with additional clarity. 



Sometimes we face challenges in life that we need clarity for and energetic assistance to help us overcome. More and more individuals seek spiritual guidance and chakra work to give them sound footing as they start their self healing journey. If you are finally ready to take the first steps in your ascension process but still have a few reservations about a full DNA activation or full chakra session, this service may be just what the soul ordered.

You will receive a 3 card tarot reading focusing on MIND, BODY, & SOUL. The results will be meticulously written and sent via email (within 48 hrs of a completed transaction) so that you will have it to reference as your journey unfolds. Then we will schedule a chakra assessment and auric field scan. During this session we will discuss your current state of energetic health and cover the basics of what you will need to address to facilitate your self healing. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and hopefully given a deeper understanding of the mechanics of ascension and soul work basics. Everything we discuss will help you in your process of deciding how to best facilitate your own spiritual journey. 

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