Curious about the experiences others have had allowing Emmie to facilitate their self healing journey? Take a look around. Definitely ask us any questions you have or leave a testimonial about your own experience!


“She literally saved my life. I knew something was “off” but it took Emmie to help me see it, so I could begin to heal. I can’t imagine the place I’d be in if she hadn’t of showed up in my reality. I am eternally grateful for her & her gifts.”
— Somer B.
Believe in miracles, love, everything, and nothing! Emmie, helps you transform into the butterfly you were meant to be. She leads without leading, teaches without teaching, and reminds you of your true greatness. She lovingly guides you along your souls journey, just as a Angel would. Eternal love and gratitude.................
— Laura A.

Lmao the awkward moment when you thought you needed doctors to heal you when all you really needed was a chakra realignment and belief in thyself! Thank you Emmie Nikolina you are amazing!
I have encountered many people who claim to be healers but only make things worse. I highly recommend her for anyone that is struggling. She is the most pure, kind hearted, loving healer I have ever faced. She will give you the tools you need to start self healing and find happiness again.
— Pharoah E.

amazingly accurate! very detailed and intriguing. Ive never had a tarot reading but this was quite insightful!
— Tim R.

5★ If the opportunity comes to have Emmie work with you... Do it! She’ll find you wherever you are. It is a wonderful spine-tingling and wing-making experience with music and everything.
I loved it.
— Ryan R.

Emmie is very gifted, warm and caring. She knows how to communicate authentically and from a genuine place in her heart. She loves very deeply and has the ability to help many. I am very excited to see where she goes in life and how she does it! Such an amazing soul! When I worked with her she did not force her energies into mine and she did not force me to heal things I may not have been ready to do. She takes the time that is needed and does the job right. Beautiful inner child dancing and smiling in all she does! XOXO
— Amanda A.

I can FEEL Emmie. Like feel her in my soul, feel her in my bones n muscles, feel her like a light wisp of wind or tickle on my skin, even feel her working her magic in my life long after the session... I’m truly grateful for my experience with this woman, she’s opened me up n recentered me so that I may be the best me that I had forgotten existed... Thank u from the bottom of my bottomless heart
— Krissy S.

In her absolutely fearless love of the Universe, this bright Spirit Warrior’s energy burst through the FB page, one day, and touched my heart, very deeply. I am so grateful, and joyful that she did.
Recently, we got together for one of her personal energy-work sessions. (Like I don’t get beautiful, humorous, healing every time I jump in the Love Stream? C’mon, folks.) So we set up the space/time to connect with. I kept saying “WOW”.
She asked for permission, as any true healer will do, then proceeded, telling me where she was going, what she was doing all along the way. While she was calm, compassionate, and gentle, the Energy that she was wielding was intense, and fast. At one point, I felt as if I had high-pressure warm water springing up through my feet to the top of my head, and into the Aether. Then, as she scanned my systems, she read the schematics, and rewired some 50+ year-old damaged areas. She dealt with the Soul injuries, at the same time, and some shadow-beings that had been feeding off that pain. I’m telling you; War. I. Or. She only had to turn her attention on them.
The best part is, that in accepting this from her, I can use it to turn back the whiney little habitual stuff that accommodated those injuries, and their pains, and look for a way back in. The way she told me what she was doing gave me the schematics of keeping that door closed, for good. Thank you, again, and again, for doing this, sure, but also for just Being, and this being a part of who you are.
— Lily S.

I have been going through some dark times and Emmie has been there to lift me out with her love and energy. She has a wisdom beyond her earthly years and the energy of her soul has a way of reaching across miles to fill you with love and hope. She is who she says she is. She cares about each and every person to comes into contact with. I am so blessed to know her.
— Kim S.

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