Please note this assignment for U3.L7 is due before the next Live Clinical on April 04, 2019.

Name *
Name of Subject Assessed *
Name of Subject Assessed
Enter "SELF" if you are the subject.
Date of Assessment *
Date of Assessment
Please list any findings from the kundalini.
Please list any findings around or within the chakras. Note the exactly chakra, description of the finding, and the severity.
Please list any findings found on or in the body. This does not limit you to physiological findings. You are encouraged to list findings of any kind. Please note where on the body it was noticed, description of what was observed, and the severity of the finding.
Please share the findings when you explore the emotions experienced during this assessment. If you scanned another person, please note if your feelings were similar to theirs, due to their feelings, or no feelings at all.
List any techniques/exercises you utilized.
Please share the results of your attempt and how they were compared to what you were anticipating to experience.